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Artist Michael Light has made visual books, photographs, and installation about landscape since 1990. LA Day/LA Night, Bingham Mine/Garfield Stack, 100 SUNS, FULL MOON, and Ranch are some of his published work. 


Michael Light is a photographer and bookmaker focused on the environment and how contemporary American culture relates to it.  A Guggenheim Fellow, his landscape projects have been exhibited globally and his work is in the collections of numerous museums.  21 editions of his five books have been published worldwide since 1993.  He is currently working on Some Dry Space: An Inhabited West, an extended, multi-volume aerial survey of arid America.

The latest volume in the series, Lake Las Vegas/Black Mountain, with essays by Rebecca Solnit and Lucy Lippard, was published by Radius Books in Fall 2014, and has been featured and favorably reviewed by TIME, SLATE, WIRED, and BLDGBLOG, among others.  Solnit's essay, "Anywhere But Here," can be read in full at TomDispatch.com.

Lake Las Vegas images can be found here, and Black Mountain images here.