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Artist Michael Light has made visual books, photographs, and installation about landscape since 1990. LA Day/LA Night, Bingham Mine/Garfield Stack, 100 SUNS, FULL MOON, and Ranch are some of his published work. 

Michael Light is a photographer and bookmaker focused on the environment and how contemporary American culture relates to it.  A Guggenheim Fellow, his landscape projects have been exhibited globally and his work is in the collections of numerous museums.  22 editions of his seven books have been published worldwide. He is currently working on Some Dry Space: An Inhabited West, an extended, multi-volume aerial survey of arid America.

The fourth volume in the survey, Lake Lahontan/Lake Bonneville, with essays by William L. Fox, Leah Ollman and Charles Hood, has just been published by Radius Books in September 2019. Lake Lahontan images can be found here, and Lake Bonneville images here. Wired Magazine’s feature on the work can be seen here. Previous volumes in the Radius series are Lake Las Vegas/Black Mountain, L.A. Day/L.A. Night, and
Bingham Mine/Garfield Stack

Lake Lahontan/Lake Bonneville, Radius Books, Santa Fe


FOMU Foto Museum, Antwerp, Holland: Moon, June 28-October 06 2019
Santa Barbara Museum of Art: The Observable Universe: Visualizing The Cosmos In Art, September 29 - February 16 2020
Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego: The Stories They Tell: 100 Years of Photography October 12 2019 - February 18 2020
The Drawing Room, East Hampton: Michael Light: Gardiner’s Island and Amagansett, October 25 - December 22 2019


Danziger Gallery, New York: Michael Light: FULL MOON, July 16-August 23 2019
Hasselblad Foundation, Sweden: Moonlight, May 25-September 02 2019
Los Angeles Public Library: GLOW: Michael Light’s Aerial Views of L.A., July 12-September 08 2019
Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto: The Final Frontier, June 28-August 31 2019
Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco: Michael Light: Great Basin Autoglyphs + Pleistoseas, February 2 - March 16 2019
San Francisco Airport Terminal Three: Michael Light: Sidereal Rift, November 8 2018 - February 28 2019
Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles: MONUMENTality, December 4 2018 - April 21 2019
CAUE 92, Nanterre France: Survols: Aerial Photography of Cities, November 9 2018 - March 2 2019
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea: Civilization: The Way We Live Now, October 18 2018 - February 17 2019